Red Scarlet-W w/EFor PL Lens Mount

$400/Day - Brain, Media, Mount, Monitor & Power
$500/Day - Full Kit

The RED SCARLET-W Digital Cinema Camera brings RED’s famous DRAGON sensor to a smaller and more modular body. REDCODE RAW formats give you tons of editing options as well as recording formats that range from 5K 2.4:1 at 60 fps, 4K 2.4:1 at 150 fps, or 2K 2.4:1 at 300 fps, 3D LUTs and an intelligent OLPF system round out the Scarlet-W’s features.

* Bring a drivers license or other form of photo ID with current mailing address.

* Certificate of Insurance is required for rentals over $300.

* Full payment for equipment rental is due on the day of pick up.